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blobFISH Distributions was started with the desire of providing local shapers of South Africa access to top quality surfboard manufacturing products.

Our vision for the future is one that is environmentally focused and hopes to create a zero waste environmentally conscious surf industry in SA through providing world class raw products that are environmentally friendly.

Our product partner, Entropy Resins, are leading the way in transforming the international surf industry into a renewable one.

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Supplied by a world leading environmentally friendly...

Entropy Resin

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How to Order

Purchases can be made by sending your order to orders@blobfishdistributions.com.

Once the order has been received, we will be in contact with you to provide an invoice for your order and confirm delivery of the product.

Our current distribution centres are in Cape Town and Durban. For delivery outside of these areas we can arrange a courier at an additional cost, or you can do so yourself.